Beelitz Hospital

Opened: 1890’s / Closed: 1997 - 2000
Beelitz Military Hospital was built in the late 1890’s for the recuperation of injured soldiers and was built in 4 large sections and these included hydrotherapy, surgery, psychiatric care and even a rifle range!
Before the end of WWII it was in use by the German Army after the War was over it was taken over by the Soviet Arm as it fell on the Eastern side of Berlin and Germany. This is made most evident by the statue in front of the administration and hydrotherapy blocks, who is a soldier wearing a medal carrying a gun and a stretcher.
After the fall of the wall and communism in Germany the Military hospital was slowly would down with the last Soviet Military patient leaving in 1995, the last buildings to be abandoned were the surgery and the psychiatric ward.
Other: In 1916, Adolf Hitler recuperated at Beelitz after being wounded in the leg during World War I

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