Imaginary USA

I've never been in the States. Sometimes though, I have the feeling I am there without moving from my country. It's difficult to describe a place where you have never been but, at the same time, I can picture it in my mind quite clearly.
This is my imaginary trip to the States where I've never been.
It will end soon.

All pictures taken in Catalonia

note: it ended on July 2013, after visiting NY, Chicago, and Detroit. Reality beats out Imagination.

This is the map of my trip.

Review of the exhibition in Barcelona (just in Spanish)

"Imaginary vs real USA", Festival Plaga - 16th July, Barcelona. With Weston Wiener.
Mutuo Centro de Arte, Barcelona (April 2013)

BIENNAL D'ART DE GIRONA, Girona (April 2013)

Imaginary USA - Road Trip (TRAILER) from la_filla on Vimeo.
Saguaro National Park, Tucson, AZ
Organ Pipe National Monument, AZ
Boulder, Colorado III
Boulder, Colorado II
Boulder, Colorado
I-10, New Mexico
Detroit, Michigan
Blackwater Falls, West Virginia
Enchanted Highway, North Dakota
Enchanted Highway, North Dakota II
Enchanted Highway, North Dakota III
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Bateau Rouge, Louisiana II
Baton Rouge, Louisiana III
m-28, Michigan
Lake Dishaw, Michigan
Oklahoma City State Fair, OK
Oklahoma City Sate Fair, OK II