Montserrat (scale project)

Montserrat is a mountain near Barcelona that is very famous by its rounded mounts.
The mountain is composed of strikingly pink conglomerate, a form of sedimentary rock, formed by being under the water 40.000.000 of years ago.

Inspired by the shape of the coral, I created a sort of pergola at the valley of the mountain (in front of the monastery) to allow pedestrians to take a little rest under it covered by its shadow.
It will be made of steel and every hole will hold a glass (on the top and at the end). Inside a glass some water of the Mediterranean see will create a little recreation of the mountain under water again.

Materials (for the scale model) - Clay. Size 35cm x 18cm. (The installation will be 8mts x 3mts)
Original coral inspiration
Geometrical abstraction from coral
The importance of the shadow
Material Instructions
Real scale (to be)
Final piece in its ideal location